The Bulgarian institutions exchanged experience with experts from Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and Germany for sound management of financial instruments


On 30 of June 2015 in Boyana Residence a workshop was held, dedicated to the management of financial instruments, co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds. It's the first seminar, by which the start has been put of a new Initiative of the European Commission for partnership and exchange of experience between experts from EU Member States. The aim is that the investment resource from the European cohesion policy is better managed. The initiative is based on the experience and the infrastructure of the TAIEX instrument for exchange. In the new instrument's framework public administrations from Member States can receive expertise from experts of other Member States' administrations, as well as provide their own experts to deliver experience and know how in the framework of the EU.

Active part in the event was taken by experts from the managing authorities of the programmes "Regions for Growth", "Environment", "Innovation and Competitiveness", "Human Resources Development" and the Programme for Rural Development, which are expected to use financial instruments in the new programming period. Among the participants were also representatives from the Central Coordination Unit, the Certifying and the Audit Authorities for the EU funds, the key units in the Ministry of Finance responsible for horizontal policies as state aid and cooperation with the international financial institutions, as well as the National Association of the Municipalities as one of the major beneficiaries. The workshop was also attended by the nationally represented business and banks organizations, without which the realization of financial engineering instruments could not be effective.

Mrs Dobrinka Krasteva from the Central Coordination Unit at the Council of Ministers and national contact point for the Initiative opened the event, underlining that the Instrument is a valuable opportunity for sharing of experience of how countries with similar objectives and priorities cope with the challenges of implementation. A large number of experts could make use of this opportunity in future, given that many of the issues have a horizontal nature.

Mr Lazar Todorov from Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Accession Negotiations of the Commission presented the Instrument and explained the forms of support it offers, the conditions for applying and exchange. In the framework of the workshop the national authorities' experts got familiar with some successful models of management and control of financial instruments in the fields of urban development and regeneration, small and medium sized enterprises and environment, and discussed with their counterparts from Slovenia, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland best practices in the respective areas.       

For more information about the Initiative of the European Commission:

Presentations from the Workshop 


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