Norwegian cooperation programme

Call for proposals within the Norwegian Cooperation Programme

The Norwegian Cooperation Programme with Bulgaria

The interest and volume of applications following the call for proposals under the Norwegian Cooperation Programme with Bulgaria have exceeded the expectations. The large number of relevant proposals shows that the estimated grants already go beyond the available funding. As a consequence of this, the call for proposals is suspended until further notice.

Should the decision be made for a subsequent call for proposals under the Norwegian Cooperation Programmes with Bulgaria, this will be announced on not later than September 2008. Meanwhile, new proposals will not be processed.

Approved Projects

The call for proposal for the Norwegian Cooperation Programme will not be re-opened

The Norwegian cooperation programme with Bulgaria was closed until further notice 17/04/2008. The Norwegian Cooperation Programme with Romania followed with being closed 18/06/2008. Applicants were informed that should the decision be made to re-open the call for proposals under the Norwegian Cooperation Programmes, the corresponding announcement would be posted on this site.

Since the launching of the Norwegian Cooperation Programmes with Bulgaria and Romania in November 2007 we have seen a large interest in the programmes, coming from a variety of entities and covering most of the focus areas under the four priority sectors in each of the beneficiary states.

Updated lists of approved projects are available at this site and the programme statistics, including information of all received applications, will be made available at this site medio October 2008.

For both Bulgaria and Romania projects already in the pipeline are expected to exceed the available funds, which would not allow submission of new project applications.

As a consequence of the above, the call for proposals will not be re-opened. This also affects NGOs.

Applicants already in process of negotiations with Innovation Norway preparing their applications are advised to submit their applications as soon as possible

Innovation Norway takes this opportunity to remind all potential applicants of the assessment principle - i.e. the first-come-first-served approach. Normally, the assessment process takes up to four months depending on the complexity of the project. All applications will in parallel be sent to the European Commission for screening.

Innovation Norway endeavours to do its best to assure the good balance between speed and quality of the assessment process at the Individual Project level. To enable us to assess and commit available funds to projects before the final date (i.e. 30 April 2009), the applications and all related information and documentation should be sent as soon as possible. The applicants are advised not to wait until the final deadline (i.e. 31 December 2008).

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