On September 20 yet another tranche under Operational Programme Administrative Capacity was received from the European Commission, bringing the total amount disbursed to BGN 147, 874, 636. 78  or 85% of the allocated European funding. At the same time, the refund of another BGN 6.3 million was requested by the Managing Authority in the last certification report. The enhanced verification at the end of the programming period is aimed to offset the delays in the process of verification in 2010 and minimize the risk of losing funds under the operational programme.

The certification of expenditure is performed by the Certifying Authority, i.e. the National Fund Directorate of the Ministry of Finance, following a thorough documentary review, examination of any other available information and evaluation of results from the on-site checks. Subsequently, the Certifying Authority prepares a statement of expenditure and files with the European Commission an application for interim payment concerning only the costs for which the CA has obtained reasonable assurance to have met all the requirements of EU and national legislation. 

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