Representatives of Bulgarian media visited Brussels for the “Open Days” forum


Representatives of the media participated in an educational visit in Brussels, Belgium on 9-10 October 2013. They  participated in a series of events within the 11th edition of the international forum "Open Days" organized by the Committee of the Regions and Directorate-General for Regional and Urban policy" of the European Commission.

The visit of the representatives of the media started with an informal meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice - Zinaida Zlatanova, which was held in the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the European Union. Ms. Iskra Mihailova - Minister of Environment and Water - attended the meeting.

The next meeting was held in Directorate-General "Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion" with Mr. Peter Stub Jorgensen, director of directorate ESF 2. Mr. Kiril Kiryakov - team leader for Bulgariain the same directorate - also attended the meeting. Representatives of the European Commission assured the attendees that they would directly bind their monitoring with the achievement of the specific goals. The new programming period was discussed in the meeting.

The representatives of Bulgarian media participated in the Bulgarian event "The Modern Face of an Ancient Country on its Way to 2020" held within the forum "Open Days" under the aegis of the Deputy Prime Minister - Zinaida Zlatanova. Representatives of all current and future operational programmes introduced the guests with the present achievements of operational programmes as well as the future measures for the next programming period. As an advantage in the beginning of the new programming period, there was an emphasis on the higher degree of readiness of projects as well as the lesson that priorities cannot be changed overnight. Among the guests were senior officials of the European Commission and the European Parliament, diplomats and many friends of Bulgaria. On 10 October 2013 was held a meeting with Ms. Shrin Wheeler, speeker of the Commissioner for regional policy Johannes Hahn and Renaldo Mendmets, head of Unit "Bulgaria" in Directorate-General "Regional and urban policy" of the European Commission. The Representatives of the European Commission emphasized that this was a very decisive moment regarding the Cohesion policy not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe. Achieving an agreement on Cohesion policy for the next programming period is  about to become a fact, which is related to providing resources.

The educational visit in Brussels was organized by "Information and systems for EU funds management" Directorate in the administration of the Council of Ministers functioning as a Central Informational Office and financed under project № 0035-CIO-3.1 "Strengthening the capacity of implementing information and publicity measures" under Operational programme "Technical Assistance". 

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