"Thank you for this opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Borisov and Minister Tomislav Donchev in person and discuss matters related to the absorption of the European Funds in Bulgaria with them. You have made great progress. You are still lagging behind, but since you started late, the progress is remarkable." Those were the words of Regional Development Commissioner Johannes Hahn after he met with Boyko Borisov. He underscored that the year 2012 was the year of completion of the programmes not just for Bulgaria but for all the European states. "We should prove our ability to use this money. Otherwise we will not be able to convince the member states to provide the funds, so that we could use them in a meaningful way. That is extremely important", Mr. Hahn said. He appealed to all Bulgarian institutions to do their best for the speedy absorption of the European Funds. In his opinion the next step for Bulgaria would be improvements in the water sector.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that the current priority for the Bulgarian government was the completion of the Sofia metropolitan in 2012 and completion of the construction of the lots of Trakia, Maritsa and Struma motorways, and the Southern arc of the Sofia ring road. He expressed his hope to see the absorption of the European Funds reach 50% next year. "I thank Commissioner Hahn and his team for having familiarised themselves with all the projects we are currently working on in detail. This is a great honour for us", the Prime Minister emphasised.

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