On 17 October 2011 (Monday) between 10:00 and 14:00 hours in the Royal 1 Hall of the Sheraton Hotel the Managing Authority of Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity" (OPAC) will hold an information day about the new open procedure "Effective Coordination and Partnership for Policy Development and Implementation" (sub-priority 1.3), budget line BG051PO002/11/1.3-06. All central administrations can submit project proposals. The total budget of the grant is BGN 6million, where the minimum project budget is BGN100 000 and no ceiling has been set.

On 19 October 2011 (Wednesday) between 10:00 and 14:00 hours in the Pirin Hall of the Sheraton Hotel an information day will be held about the new procedure for the judiciary "Transparent and Effective Judicial System" (sub-priority 1.5), budget line BG051PO002/11/1.5-03. Eligible beneficiaries for this procedure are: Ministry of Justice, Registry Agency, Supreme Judicial Council, Inspectorate of the Supreme Judicial Council, Supreme Court of Cassation, Supreme Administrative Court and the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. The total grant budget is BGN3 million, where the minimum project budget is BGN250 000 and no ceiling has been set.
At the information days experts of the Managing Authority of OPAC will present the Application Guidelines, the Application Form and the Budget. The eligible expenditures to be financed by OPAC will described in detail, as well as the frequently made mistakes and irregularities in the submission of applications and in the organisation of public procurement procedures.

The application deadline for the two procedures is 30.11.2011, 05.30 pm.

The full set of application documents for the procedures is published on the site of OPAC:, and on the single information web portal for general and specialised information on the management of the Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund of the EU:

The web portal is developed and maintained under Project 0045-CIO-3.2 "Maintenance and development of а Single information web portal for Structural and Cohesion Funds in Bulgaria" (BG161PO002-3.2.01-0004-C0001). The project is implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme "Technical Assistance" co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund