On 1.08.2011  the first recruitment procedures for staff recruitment in four District Information Centres (DIC) in the cities of Lovech, Vidin, Montana and Ruse were launched. In the next few months recruitment procedures will be launched for 80 management and expert positions in all 27 centres in the country. 

The District Information Centres in the cities of Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Ruse, Plovdiv, Pleven and and Stara Zagora will recruit employees for 4 positions as follows: 

  • DIC Manager
  • Information and Services Expert
  • Communications and Information Expert
  • Logistics and Information Expert

The remaining District Information Centres will employ 3 people combining the two latter positions.

The main obligations of the employees in the information offices will relate to providing accurate, clear and updated information regarding the funding opportunities under the EU funds.  Information will be provided by phone, email or on the spot. Another key task of the DIC staff would be to disseminate information and documentation regarding open calls for proposals under the operational programmes, notify the beneficiaries about the current opportunities to apply, as well as provide information regarding the good practices developed as part of EU funded projects.

All DICs will have a unified visual appearance, modern equipment and furniture and would provide unified in terms of quality information services. The visitors in the offices will be able to access different documents and publications both in print, and using the touch-screen equipment in the centres. 

The establishment of the District Information Centres started at the beginning of the month when the mayors of all 27 beneficiary-municipalities signed their contracts under Operational Programme "Technical Assistance". The recruitment procedure along with the construction and refurbishment works are the first project activities implemented. They are being conducted in parallel in order for the DICs to start operation as soon as possible. All 27 centres are expected to open doors at the beginning of next year. 

Complete information on the requirements to the applicants, the deadlines and the document submission process could be found here or in the Careers Section of the Single Portal:, as well as on the respective web sites of the municipalities.

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