The European Commission took an official decision to extend the financial memorandum for  Danube Bridge 2 project to the end of 2012. This was made possible by the active position and hard work done in the past two years. 

On 19th November 2010 the official authorities of Bulgaria and Romania submitted a request for extension to the European Commission according to which the eligibility deadline of project expenses was to be changed. The request was justified with the complexity of the project in terms of its international and tarns-border nature, its financing scheme which included a large number of participants, as well as with the specific characteristics of the engineering and construction contracts. 

The maximum amount of the financial aid provided to the Bulgarian side from the Cohesion Fund is Euro 70 000 000, and the maximum amount of funding allocated for the Romanian side is Euro 35 962 500. The total budget amounts to almost Euro 106 000 000. This is why the European Commission took a decision to extend the financial memorandum by 31st December 2012.

The positive decision of the Commission will make it possible for the bridge to be completed using European funding despite the serious delays in the previous years. As of today 64% of the construction works have been completed. More than 80% of the contracted amounts have been paid. In terms of the second contract for developing the adjoining infrastructure - 58% of the construction works have been competed and 60% of the contracted amount paid.

The main problem of the contractor relating to the insufficient quantities of embankment material  has been solved. The Council of Ministers gave official permit to dig for construction materials and works started on 24th June.

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